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Some of us just don’t have the artistic gene. We can’t sit down with a notebook full of blank paper and churn out 2-page spread masterpieces each day with hand drawn borders that rock our world. However, we do love planner pages that have flare, and journal pages that jog our memories in deeply emotional ways. We want our planners and journals to look gorgeous and be unique.

If this sounds like you, welcome friend!

Take a look at our Monthly Bill Log. This is where you can keep track of all your monthly bills. Simply log the following information when the bill arrives: what it is (BILL), when is it due (DUE), how much is it (AMT)? Then, when you pay it, record the following: when did you pay it (PD), what method did you use (PYT), the confirmation code if it applies (CONF), and any balance you still owe (BAL).

The design lends a touch of elegance in a modern color scheme of roses and turquoise. Add the month and you are ready to face the world.


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